9 Inspiring Short Haircuts for Every Face Shape

All Faces: The Pixie

People have been getting pixie cuts for a long time. Most of the time, they are shorter on top, but the trend has been toward longer layers.

All Faces: A Soft Pixie

When you add long, thick, side-swept bangs to a pixie cut, the style changes completely. This one also works for all face shapes, and if you have a long face, it's a great pick.

All Faces: A Stylish Cut

This cut on Joanna Coles, who is a magazine editor, looks great on all face types. But it doesn't work for all types of hair. It works best on thin, straight hair.

All Faces: The Curly Bob

Women with naturally curly or wavy hair can still get a short haircut. You might not want a pixie cut, but you might be able to pull off a shorter bob. 

All Faces: A Sleek Bob

. By cutting the bob an inch or so below the chin, it lowers the jawline and gives just enough body to the sides.

All Faces: A Shaggy Long Bob

One of the most popular haircuts is the shaggy long bob, which has caused many celebrities to cut off their long hair. The cut-off ends are the key to this look. 

Almost All Faces: Edgy Pixie

This cool and edgy form of the pixie can look good on almost any woman, no matter her age or face shape.

Almost All Faces: Bobs With Bangs

One of the most adaptable short hairstyles is the bob. It looks good with straight bangs, side-swept bangs, or no bangs at all.

Long, Square, and Round Faces: A Great Short Cut

This sexy and fun cut looks great on square-shaped faces. It would also be nice if the face was long or round.

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