10 Iconic Lob Haircuts for Every Face Shape

This version is based on the '70s, but it has a bright color and some texture to bring it into the present. The curled ends of this style give your style a soft but noticeable finish.

1. Feathered

Smoothed all the way to the ends and given just the right amount of balayage—perfect. The best way to get this sleek look is to run a flat iron through your hair and spend a few extra seconds on the ends.

2. Super Sleek

The fullness at the bottom of this style makes it look cute and retro, and it also looks great when pulled back into a ponytail.

3. Bouncy

Add some carefully placed highlights to that medium-length stage to make it more interesting. We love how trendy it is to have bangs and a cut with highlights.

4. Past the Shoulders

Ask your hairdresser to add soft, rounded layers to your lob haircut to make it look like it has been air-dried. If you hold a 1 1/2-inch curling iron upright, you can give your style movement and texture.

5. Soft Layers

To get these popular half-bends, use a flat iron instead of a curling iron. This bent style works best with this cut length. 

6. Wavy Lob

The lob is perfect for showing off the soft layers of a wash-and-go wavy style. It doesn't get any easier to look good than this! 

7. Curly

Clean, almost straight ends make it look like your hair is in better shape. Don't be scared of a lob cut! 

8. Blunt

A well-groomed lob length makes bleach-blonde hair look healthy and shinier. Don't be afraid to try a bright white look! 

9. Bleached

Are you not afraid of texture? Take on this updated '80s style by keeping your braids in overnight and then letting your natural waves show during the day.

10. Crimped

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