10 Flattering Bangs for Women Over 50

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1. Dipper Bangs

This is the bang with the least amount of work. Basically, it's a long layer that goes from the top of the head to just below the cheekbone, where your lips are. 

2. Sideswept Bangs

These bangs are cut at an angle so that the shortest part brushes the eyebrows and the longest part curves down to the cheekbone.

3. Full Bangs

Long hair looks modern when it has a side-to-side fringe that frames the eyes and dresses the face when the hair is pulled back or up.

4. Bohemian Bangs

This version of No. 3 is easygoing and carefree. They are longer on the sides and have a soft arch in the middle. Also, these bangs are longer, less tight, and shaggier.

5. Brow-Boosting Bangs

Blunt, uniform bangs that rest just above the brows work if you have full, lush brows.

6. Crisp Bob Bangs

Blunt bangs make a classic bob or lob look very trendy and give your face shape and definition.

7. Feathery Fringe

 hair looks good with bangs that are soft and airy and have some space between them. Don't worry about losing hair. By cutting a frame, you can make it look like you have more hair.

8. Spiky Shorties

If you want a gamine look, short, spiked bangs go well with short hair. Use a small amount of pomade, wax, or paste to separate your bangs.

9. Layered

A dense and heavy bang can work with short to medium-length hair that is pretty thick.

10. Curly

Once upon a time, you had to use a hot tool or treatment to straighten your hair in order to wear bangs.

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