10 best hairstyles for round face shape women over 60

Wear a half ponytail with your natural small braids. This style looks great on people with round faces. You can wear your braids long or short, however you like.

Half-Pony Braids

This style looks good on all face types, but round faces especially. For a flirty look, you can cut the hair in layers and flip the feathery layers.

Layered and Colored

Natural curls cut to frame your face shape make a great hairstyle that softens your features and makes you look as young as you feel.

Short Natural Coils

Soft layers and a wispy curtain border will frame your face. This style looks great in any color, even natural gray or salt and pepper. 

Short with Wispy Bangs

Straight bangs also look great on round faces. This hairdo is based on Cleopatra's, and it looks great in bright colors like red or purple.

Bold Bangs

Round faces look great with hairstyles that part on the side. This shoulder-length bob style looks great on all face shapes and works well with both natural and bold colors.

Side-Styled Bob

Bangs look good on women of all ages with round faces. With this style, you can cut your bangs straight across or softly around your face.

Medium-Length with Bangs

Your beautiful round face looks great with the way you've styled your hair. Using a hot air brush and hairspray with extra hold and long-lasting hold,

Chic Evening Look

Women over 60 with round faces always look great with a stacked bob. To add depth and movement, use a large barrel curling iron to make some big waves.

Layered Wavy Bob

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