10 Best Hair Colors for Women over 50

As important as a good style for women over 50 is a hair color that goes well with their skin tone. When a woman is older, a bright hair color often makes her look younger.

1. Honey Bronde Hair.

Since our skin loses color as we get older, bright reds can make us look older, so a soft copper like this is a much better choice.

2. Toned-Down Ginger Hair Color

This nice coloring gives the naturally graying hair a bit of warmth to match the golden tones in the skin and keep the hair from looking dull.

3. Warmed-Up Smokey Gray.

This sophisticated beige blonde balayage hair color is perfect for a middle-aged woman who wants to feel beautiful.

4. Matte Beige Blonde

Silver or ash blonde tones will look great on older women who have some gray hair.

5. Ash Blonde Shade.

If you like the look of golden hair but feel like it's too bold for you, try it as highlights. The difference between light and dark gives a style a lot of depth.

6. Platinum Bangs

Women in their 50s with fine hair will love balayage highlights because they make their hair look more trendy and interesting.

7. Bronde Hair.

A cool-toned brown can be a great hair color for women over 60 with olive skin that has neutral to cool undertones because it goes well with their skin tone and takes silver well.

8. Dark Ash Brown

The best hair colors for women over 50 are those that make you look a few years younger without making you look like you're trying too hard. 

9. Chestnut Brown Hair

With a few golden highlights, the short, straight brown hair looks great. It looks good on dark-haired women who want to keep their natural color and cover gray.

10. Highlights for Older Women.

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