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Can I Rent a Car to Drive Across Country?

    Can I Rent a Car to Drive Across Country

    After days of contemplation, you finally choose a place for the family road vacation. Your chosen location is located on the opposite side of the country from your residence, like, from the east to west coast. 

    You want to arrive at your destination with a smile on your face; therefore, the vehicle you drive is crucial to the success of your journey, especially if you’re driving a long distance with the whole family. So you are planning to rent a car. But is it possible to rent a car for that long trip? Can I rent a car to drive across country?

    The majority of automobile rental firms in the United States do not impose limits on driving over state boundaries, so you should be able to hire a vehicle and drive throughout the nation. Rental companies which allow cross-country travel include Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis. You may rent a car with unlimited mileage from any of these companies and drive to your destination without incurring additional charges.

    Let’s get to know more about car rental for cross-country traveling. 

    Can I Rent a Car to Drive Across Country?

    Yes, renting a car for cross-country travel is possible, and many rental companies allow it. In addition, the majority of automobile rental firms in the United States do not impose limits on driving over state boundaries, so you should be able to hire a vehicle and drive throughout the nation. 

    Certain automobile rental businesses may have limits on the sort of vehicle you may hire or where you can return it, so inform a representative if you plan to take the vehicle out of state.

    If you want to rent a car for cross-country travel, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind: 

    • Rental Car Company Restrictions: Certain rental vehicle companies may limit the distance you may drive their rental automobiles. Check with the rental car business you’re thinking about using to see if there are any limits.
    • Extra Fees: If you hire a car for a lengthy amount of time and drive great miles, you may incur additional fees, such as mileage charges, so read the rental agreement carefully before renting.
    • Insurance: Check with your insurance provider to determine if your own auto insurance policy covers rental automobiles. If not, the rental car company may require you to acquire additional insurance coverage.
    • Rental Vehicle Requirements: Rental car businesses frequently have certain criteria for renters, such as a minimum age, a valid driver’s license, and a credit card. When making a reservation, double-check the rental company’s criteria.
    • Plan Your Route: Before leaving on a cross-country road trip, map out your itinerary and decide where you will stop for petrol, food, and relaxation.

    Which Rental Companies Allow Across Country Travel?

    Here is the list of car rental companies that allow you to take the car for cross-country travel: 

    1) Alamo

    Alamo is an excellent choice for out-of-state rental automobiles. Most Alamo cars may be hired in the United States and driven in Canada. However, some kinds of their cars, including exotics, big passenger vehicles, transport vans, and other specialty vehicles, are prohibited from entering Canada.

    For out-of-state Alamo vehicle rentals, there is a one-way policy. Crossing state boundaries with a rented vehicle is subject to a number of restrictions and regulations.

    2) Hertz

    Hertz offers a similar one-way policy to Alamo. A straightforward one-way leasing arrangement is ideal for several reasons. If you are taking a road trip and want to remain for a while at your destination, or if your vacation is interrupted by an emergency and you need a car quickly, Hertz will be there for you.

    With 4,000 different sites, Hertz will be available for you regardless of your destination. You may rely on this organization for out-of-state automobile rental services. This is the choice for you if you’re looking for an out-of-state Hertz automobile rental.

    3) Enterprise

    Enterprise is an excellent choice for out-of-state automobile rentals. In fact, Enterprise is one of the few firms that provide out-of-state automobile rental with unlimited miles. In both the United States and Canada, most automobile classes have unlimited mileage.

    There are relatively few limitations to crossing the border into Canada. Enterprise is one of the most reputable automobile rental businesses, so no matter where you’re going, they’ll have your back.

    4) National Car Rental

    You may borrow a car from one National site and return it to another nearby location, thanks to their convenient one-way rental agreement.

    There are no boundaries between the states. The contract’s terms may vary based on variables, including time, place, and kind of vehicle. There may be additional fees for dropping off the rental or driving a certain number of miles. All applicable costs will be listed on the website throughout the booking process and collected upon pick-up.

    5) Avis

    Avis is among the top rental vehicle companies for driving over state boundaries and for unlimited mileage. With the exception of a few high-end luxury firms, the vast majority of their rental automobiles come with unlimited mileage. Your rental car will likely have unlimited mileage. You may confirm your unlimited miles during the booking process.

    You may enjoy unlimited mileage for a single day of travel. Make it a one-way rental, or return it to the same spot from whence you rented it. The price and mileage of a rental automobile vary on availability, location, season, and, of course, car type.

    Bottom Line

    This was all about Can I rent a car to drive across country. So yes, most car rental companies in the US allow it, but they may have some conditions that you need to complete. Also, you need to disclose where you are headed. Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis are car rental businesses that offer cross-country travel. You may rent a car with unlimited miles from any of these businesses and drive to your destination without paying additional fees.

    We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

    Thank you for reading!

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