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11 Best Places to Visit in Argentina in December

    Best Places to Visit in Argentina in December

    Argentina is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America. December is a wonderful time to visit Argentina as spring transitions into summer. This is the greatest weather month to enjoy beach resorts and outdoor activities in the Lakes District and Patagonia prior to the arrival of the peak season. There are many other attractions to see in Argentina in December. So let’s look at the 11 best places to visit in Argentina in December!

    Places to Visit in Argentina in December

    Argentina is a wonderful South American country with a lot to offer travelers regarding culture, history, and natural beauty. December is a fantastic month to visit Argentina since it marks the beginning of summer, and the nation is brimming with life and energy.

    Here are the 11 Best Destination in Argentina that will be the site to withhold during the month of December:

    1) Buenos Aires

    Argentina’s capital and largest city is Buenos Aires. It is a cosmopolitan city with European architecture, South American culture, and a thriving creative community. There are several cultural events and festivals to visit in the city throughout the month of December. 

    You may explore the renowned Plaza de Mayo, the Recoleta Cemetery, the vibrant district of La Boca, and several other cultural sites.

    2) Iguazu Falls

    The Iguazu Falls is a breathtaking natural phenomenon found in northern Argentina. These are a series of 275 waterfalls that span almost two kilometers along Argentina’s and Brazil’s borders.

    The temperature is pleasant in December, and the waterfalls are at their most powerful. You may take a boat excursion to get up close and personal with the waterfalls or trek the various trails in the nearby national park.

    3) Bariloche

    Bariloche is a lovely town in Argentina’s Andes recognized for its amazing natural beauty and outdoor sports. Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities are available at adjacent ski resorts in December, as well as hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking in the surrounding lakes and mountains. You may also savor the local food and visit the famous chocolate stores.

    4) Mendoza

    Mendoza is Argentina’s wine capital and a terrific destination to visit in December when the vineyards are lush and green. You may partake in wine excursions and tastings and explore the city’s numerous wine bars and restaurants. You may also walk in the surrounding Andes or explore the region’s numerous hot springs.

    5) Mar del Plata

    Mar del Plata, located on Argentina’s Atlantic coast, is the most popular beach. The weather is pleasant and bright in December, and you may enjoy the wonderful beaches and water activities. You may also go to the city’s many restaurants, pubs, and clubs or attend one of the many cultural events and festivals.

    6) El Calafate

    El Calafate is a tiny village near the famed Perito Moreno Glacier in southern Argentina. In December, you may embark on glacier tours and see the glacier’s breathtaking splendor up close. You may also hike in the neighboring mountains or explore the city’s museums and cultural institutes.

    7) Ushuaia

    Ushuaia is the world’s southernmost city in Tierra del Fuego National Park. In December, you may embark on boat cruises to observe penguins and sea lions or stroll through the park’s stunning landscapes. You may also go to the city’s various restaurants, pubs, and museums.

    8) Salta

    In the northwest of Argentina, Salta is a lovely colonial city renowned for its spectacular architecture and rich history. The weather is nice, and there are several festivals and events to visit in December. 

    Several of Salta’s ancient homes, churches, municipal buildings, and plazas date back to the city’s founding in 1582, which is situated on the edge of the Lerma valley and surrounded by mountains.

    9) Cordoba

    Another gorgeous colonial city in Argentina, Cordoba is renowned for its magnificent cathedrals and museums. December is a pleasant month with several cultural events and festivals to visit. 

    Visit the city’s numerous museums and cultural facilities or trek in the neighboring mountains.

    10) Puerto Madryn

    Wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy visiting Puerto Madryn in December. Whales, dolphins, and seals can be seen, as well as several bird species. You may also hike in the neighboring mountains or explore the city’s museums and cultural institutes.

    11) Peninsula Valdes

    This UNESCO World Heritage Site, which can be found in the province of Chubut, is a fantastic location to travel to in December in order to see the local fauna. You will get the opportunity to view a diverse array of animals, such as whales, penguins, and sea lions, in addition to stunning scenery.

    Bottom Line

    This was all about the 11 best places to visit in Argentina in December. We mentioned our best picks for the people who are planning to visit Argentina in December. Surely, your trip will be wonderful after you visit these destinations. Argentina is unquestionably a lovely country with a lot to offer visitors in terms of culture, history, and natural beauty.

    We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions. 

    Thank you for reading!

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